Survival Vs Bushcraft

For many,  the distinction between survival &  bushcraft is somewhat unclear; most likely because the overlap between these two sets of skills & knowledge is significant. I’m writing this brief … Read More

Nick FurfaroSurvival Vs Bushcraft

New Website

Well, after a bunch of hours of working on the new website, it’s finally time to get it out there. I have a list of things we plan to modify … Read More

Nick FurfaroNew Website

Celestial Navigation: Using the Sun to Find Your Way

These days, most people’s knowledge of navigation stops at the use of a magnetic compass or hand-held GPS unit. Both of these devices have their strengths and weaknesses. A compass ... Read More
Nick FurfaroCelestial Navigation: Using the Sun to Find Your Way

Why Bushcraft?

A couple friends have asked me lately what the deal is about bushcraft - what draws me to it?  Gosh, there are so many reasons - but at the root ... Read More
Laura ShawWhy Bushcraft?

A Good Bushcraft Knife

A great bushcraft knife.

good knife is really the one essential tool in most bushcraft tasks. It can be used for preparing food, cutting, notching, peeling, scraping, splitting chopping, drilling and carving wood, skinning … Read More

Nick FurfaroA Good Bushcraft Knife